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Management and Metrics

Listed are the services available.


Service Name; Training services
Service Description; Master training services have been provided. Over the years John Catlow has lectured the Chartered Quality Institute A11 and A12 courses and co-lectured the Statistics module. Lecturing services have been provided as far afield as Singapore.

  • Over 350 Software Quality Engineers trained
  • Internal Quality Auditing
  • Total Quality Management, Case studies are included to give delegates their first exposure to audit practice, in house courses can be tailored to allow opportunity for practical audit experience
  • Six Sigma training
  • Decision Analysis Resolution
Data Analysis

Service Name; Data Analysis as a service
Service Description; Causal factors and trends come out of data analysis and feed into Continual Improvement programmes.

McKeowen can provide help in implementing Continual Improvement programmes and governance.

Risk Mgmt

Service Name; Risk Management and Improvement
Service Description; ISO standards are much more risk based. deciding what areas of your business should get focussed assurance attention can be supported by a risk based auditing approach.

You can be helped to implement a Risk Management process and governance.

Six Sigma

Service Name; Process Improvement, Six Sigma, TQM, Decision Analysis Resolution
Service Description; Six Sigma provides an improvement methodology based on the DMAIC cycle. Although Six Sigma is, undoubtably, popular it was preceeded by Decision Analysis and TQM methodologies.

If you want improvement disciplines then McKeowen can help you establish a pragmatic methodology.


Service Name; Statistics as a service
Service Description; Statistics provides you with insights regarding organisational performance. Some previous uses were to assess and cost Emergency change performance and another to create Project Conrol Charts to get an early warning of Software development project deviation as early in the project lifecycle as possible. The example shown below is a control chart for Iterative Custom Development projects.ICD EP

Engineering Profiles – developed and deployed for the main software application lifecycles of;

  • ICD
  • 4QD
  • PBD
  • General


Applying statistics to the control of;

  • Cost Variance
  • Schedule Variance
  • Defects


And for support projects to apply early warning controls for;

  • Elapsed time per call
  • Effort per call
  • Effort/requirement
  • Defects/requirements