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John Catlow

John C

Senior Consultant
BA (hons), MCQI, MCMI.

John was previously with CSC, a US owned IT Outsourcing company with a turnover of $13 billion and 90,000 employees globally.

John has had several roles and assignments in CSC.

  • Global Continuous Improvement Lead
  • Diversified Sector Quality Executive
  • IPS Continuous Improvement Manager
  • RMG Account Quality Manager
  • Market Rate Benchmark Programme Lead
  • Senior Quality Consultant
  • TickIT Lead Auditor
  • CMMI Dev Evaluator
  • CMMI Svc Evaluator
  • Investor In People Programme Lead

Prior to joining CSC John was a Managment Consultant with HQMC which provided consultancy primarily to Yorkshire organisations and lecturing services to Hull and Humberside Universities. and if we go back to the period 1986 - 96 John was with KTP as Production and Sales Manager Film Master Products, Quality Assurance and Technical Support Manager

Experienced practitioner

  • TickIT Plus assessments (Silver Capability level)

  • TickIT Plus Process Reference Manual creation

  • Business modelling and process improvement

  • Software process measurement and metrication

  • QMS design and implementation

  • Quality Control, Quality Assurance and Audit

  • Statistical Quality Control/Process Control

  • Decision Analysis Resolution

  • Total Quality Management

  • Website management. maintenance and testing

  • Qualitative evaluation using ISO 9001, SEI CMMI, EFQM, etc.

  • Benchmarking

  • Quality Management tools (Statistical Process Control, FMEA, Ishikawa, Quality costing, Pokayoke, etc)

  • Quality Models (ISO 9001, EFQM, Investors in People, SEI, etc.)

  • Project Management

  • CMMI (Dev & SVC) Assessor, TickIT, TickIT+ Foundation Assessor, Lead Auditor, IiP Reviewer.

  • Continual Service Improvement