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Frequently Asked Questions

Over time questions that appear to be commonly asked will be added to this page

Q: What steps do you follow to implement a Management system that can withstand the rigour of a certification assessment?
A: You can maximise your success by working with your consultant and be open about all the activity your organisation performs. The steps most consultants follow are typically as follows;

  1. Gap analysis, A comprehensive audit against the selected standard
  2. Implement improvements, having identified any gaps corrective action is agreed to close the gaps in the most pragmatic way possible
  3. Validate that correction actions are being progressed
  4. Embed the improvements, institutionalise them
  5. Arrange certification with a UKAS accredited body as desired

Q: Would a certification body accept someone who is not a permanent employee as our Management representative?
A: ISO 9001:2015 does require more involvement from top management but the standard does also allow the assignment of responsibility and authority for ensuring the management system conforms to the requirements of the standard. In short yes, it is acceptable and the standard does not exclude engaging a specialist outside your organisation.